Raffi4cDid your doctor just tell you that you had “high cholesterol”?

Perhaps he/she then informed you of the dangers of high cholesterol, such as the increased risk of heart attack or stroke.   And were you then given the options of either using statins or reducing your cholesterol naturally and sent off with no more detail than that?   This is exactly what happened to me.   This is not unusual.   Believe it or not, doctors don’t go into more detail because they don’t know.   I can tell you first-hand that doctors are not trained in nutrition or healthy lifestyle in medical school.

So here were my problems:

  • How could I reduce cholesterol without medication?
  • How reliable was the information on the internet?
  • How up to date was the information in a book?   Even if it was current when I bought the book, what about the new studies and recommendations that came out later?

Add to that the threat of a heart attack and/or stroke and I had the “perfect storm” for stress and confusion. And I’ve gone to medical school.   I can’t begin to imagine what a layman would feel!

But because I have studied medicine, I came up with a solution.

caduceus clearAfter extensive research, I wrote the e-book “Lower Your Cholesterol, Save Your Life” (now in its 2nd edition) to fill the void. Using the techniques in the book I lowered my cholesterol and avoided the need for medication, however I quickly came to realize that for many people reading a book is not enough. This is a complex subject, and readers invariably have supplementary questions and need guidance to reduce their cholesterol levels.   This is why I decided not to just sell a book, but to also offer the the e-book coupled with an optional one month or one year of personalized service to help you achieve your goal.

These packages are unique in the industry.

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Lower Your Cholesterol, Save Your Life.   Now in it’s second edition!
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