Here are three E-book Packages to Lower Cholesterol Naturally and Save Your Life

A Comprehensive Guide to lower cholesterol for those who wish to take charge of their health. **Now in its 2nd edition**

optional One-on-One Personalized Support available

  • Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally by understanding how diet and lifestyle affects cholesterol.
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  • Save Money by reducing or eliminating
    medication costs.
  • Reduce Side Effects by avoiding or lowering the dose of medication.
  • Peace of Mind with optional one-on-one support (1 month, or
    1 year) by a qualified professional.
    -unique in the industry-


 The E-book (second edition):   

  • Written in a clear, easy to read style, not in “doctorese”!
  • Explaining the types of cholesterol, where they come from, and how they affect you.
  • Risk evaluation.
  • Diet recommendations.
  • Sample recipes.
  • Lifestyle recommendations.
  • Free lifetime updates as new information and new studies become available.

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Although there is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet about cholesterol, it would take a month or more to sift through all the information.   This book will save you time, because I have done that for you.

And how much of it is actually true?   All information I use is based on fact, not anecdotes.   There are now studies evaluating natural remedies for high cholesterol.   I have included numerous references to the studies on which I base my recommendations for those who are interested.

Optional One-on-One Support:   Raffi4c

  • Personalized answers to any and all cholesterol related questions.
  • Confidentiality. I will not share any of your information with anyone.
  • The latest information on cholesterol emailed directly to you.
  • Periodic inquiries to see how you are doing and to offer suggestions (if you wish). I will not leave you to flounder alone, we are in this together!

The Packages:

This e-book contains complete information on everything you need to know about cholesterol to reduce your cholesterol levels naturally, but I am offering you personal guidance as well.   There are three options available depending on how much support you wish to have:

1. The e-book (2nd editioncoupled with one year of one-on-one support (box 1, bottom of the page).

2. The e-book (2nd edition) with one month of support (save 60%!) (box 2, bottom of the page).          

3. The e-book (2nd edition) alone  (save even more!) 
(box 3, bottom of the page).

(and speaking of saving, did you read to the bottom of the “Mythbusters” page to get your coupon code?)

In a Nutshell:

  • Everything you need to know.   Updated and pertinent information.
  • Reputable studies.   Natural remedies all backed by studies respected
    by the medical field.
  • Easy to read.   No “doctorese”.
  • Optional one-on-one support.   Personalized answers to all
    cholesterol related questions.



It is possible to have visible, measurable results in just three months.  I did it and so can you.  I am so sure of these methods that if your cholesterol levels have not measurably  improved in three months, I am offering a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

Using natural methods to lower your cholesterol will save you money.   A typical statin drug costs from $12 to $500 per month!  Imagine what else you could do with that kind of money if you eliminated the need for medication.

This package will save your life.  High cholesterol is no laughing matter, and must be brought under control to avoid disastrous consequences.   Order now, and receive the e-book instantly without leaving your home.   Get started on the road to good health right away!

Avoid the cost and side-effects of medication, and improve your health.   You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Purchasing Options:

caduceus clear“Lower Your Cholesterol, Save Your Life” (with unlimited updates) sells for 49.99 USD with one year support, but if you wish to have the e-book with just one month  support, you can buy it for only 19.99 USD, and save 40%.   It is also possible to buy just the e-book for 9.99 USD with a savings of 80%.   Once again, I remind you to get your coupon code at the bottom of the “Mythbusters” page for even further savings!

Act now, your heart will thank you!

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Lower Your Cholesterol, Save Your Life (2nd edition)
e-book + 1 year support: $49.99

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Lower Your Cholesterol, Save Your Life (2nd edition)
e-book + 1 mnth support: $19.99

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Lower Your Cholesterol, Save Your Life (2nd edition)
e-book only: $9.99

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