Raffi4cHello, and welcome to the most comprehensive site about cholesterol that you will ever need!  My name is Raffi Toumayan.   I have a dual expertise in both engineering and medicine, having studied both in Canada.   The engineering side of me is the part that wants to understand the mechanisms behind the medical facts, instead of merely accepting and memorizing them, as is often done in medicine. I feel that this strategy helps avoid errors because an incorrect fact just wouldn’t make sense physiologically.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and given a prescription for a statin (a medication to lower blood cholesterol).   I wanted to try natural methods of lowering my cholesterol before using drugs, and this has led me to do the in depth research about the subject.      I am pleased to say that I have lowered my cholesterol to normal levels and have avoided the use of medication and the side-effects that come with it.   To share  the results of my experience and research, I have produced this web site and compiled a package including full support and an e-book, “Lower Your Cholesterol, Save Your Life” (now in its 2nd edition).

I would like to introduce you to a natural approach which led me to a healthy recovery from high cholesterol. The philosophy of this  approach is based on information supported by reputable studies and not on anecdotal stories as is often found elsewhere.  

My goal is to help you understand what is happening physiologically and how high cholesterol can be modified naturally through diet and lifestyle changes, and without prescription drugs.

Lower Your Cholesterol          Save Your Life

Lower Your Cholesterol
Save Your Life

In the e-book, “Lower Your Cholesterol, Save Your Life” (2nd edition), I describe in detail  the process with which I recovered from this unhealthy condition and lowered my cholesterol naturally.   If you feel that you need extended support, I offer e-book packages which include an e-book coupled with personal guidance and feedback during your road to recovery from high cholesterol.

In addition to the descriptions of my E-book Packages, this site also contains a Myths vs Truths page, and a Blog, which is also broadcast through an RSS feed (http://www.lowerbadcholesterolnaturally.com/blog/feed/).   Feel free to subscribe. Finally, you are invited to ask me any cholesterol related queries on the confidential Ask a Question page.

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Lower Your Cholesterol, Save Your Life.   Now in it’s second edition!
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  1. I am from south Africa are you able to provide support for me I have very high cholesterol levels and have tried stating and bizofibrates but I end up itching and incredibly sore muscles I want to take a year’s support if you can provide it for south Africans

    1. Hi Rob,

      Sorry to hear about your side-effects. I can definitely help you reduce the dosages of your medication by natural methods, which are outlined in the book, and which I would support. By reducing the need for medication, you would reduce the side effects as well. You will still need to continue monitoring your blood cholesterol with your local doctor in order to determine the necessary doses. You could also ask him what other options there are in terms of medication because there might be other drugs that you would tolerate better.


      Raffi Toumayan

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